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Can`t open FishResp application

Hi everybody,

I have problems to open the FishResp App after installing it.

The R packages and Java 8 is installed are installed.

When I now klick on the FishResp icon nothing happens, the App doesn't open.


I hope you have some advice

Thank you


Hi SKem,

Thanks for contacting us. I need to ask a few questions to help you.

  1. Do you use Windows, Linux or MacOS?
  2. Has the configurator been opened automatically? If no, please do it first and specify paths to the folders, where R and its library located.
  3. Do those paths coloured green after installing the required packages? If no, please provide the screenshot.
  4. Open FishResp in cmd.exe (Windows) or Terminal (Linux, MacOS) and provide a text or a screenshot of an appeared error.

Best wishes,



Hi Sergey,

thank you for your very quick answer!!

  1. I am using Windows
  2. and 3. Sorry for the question, but what configurator and paths do you mean?
    but I downloaded FishResp in the same folder where R is located

4. So far I wasn't able to open FishResp in cmd.exe I'll do so tomorrow

Cheers SKem

Hi SKem,

Then, the problem is definitely with a configurator. Typically, it is opened automatically after FishResp installation. But, it is not sometimes, like in your case. I will fix it in future.

What you need to do now:

  1. open the file "configurator.exe" (C:/Program Files/FishResp/)
  2. assign paths to R and R library there
  3. check, are they green coloured? If yes, click install, wait several minutes (it is installing required R packages). When the button "install" is green, click the button "Save" and open FishResp.
  4. if it does not work, open both Configurator and FishResp via cmd.exe and send me error messages.

Best wishes,


Hi Sergey,


I followd your instructions and it worked out fine!

Thank you very much.

I am able to open FishResp and trying my best to use it as well 😉


Have a nice day

best regards


Hi Skem,

Glad to help you and thanks for finding this bug!
We will fix it soon/or describe this problem in FishResp FAQ.

Do not hesitate to ask more questions if something is unclear.
Please note that we have recently published a paper describing FishResp. See more here:

All the best,