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Here, you can find information about people who developed, contributed or financed the ‘FishResp’ project. If you wish somehow support the project, contact us via fishresp[at] or Twitter. We are very grateful for your support, advice and assistance!


Sergey Morozov (software, hardware, website, manuscript)

Craig Primmer (manuscript, supervision)

Roman Kovalev (software)

Financial support


Öflund Foundation





Ehrnrooth Foundation




Jenni Prokkola (hardware testing, data)

Björn Illing (hardware testing, data)

Scott McCairns (R package, manuscript)

Artur Zaripov (software)

Eirik Åsheim (hardware testing)

Juha Merilä (manuscript)

Erik Gill (data)

Laura Almodovar-Acevedo (data)

Niclas Kolm (data)

Alexander Kotrschal (data)

Daniel Montgomery (data)

Stephen White (data)

Niclas Carey (advice)

Federico Calboli (advice)

Nicolas Emiliani (advice)