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FishResp paper is published in Conservation Physiology!

The manuscript describing the FishResp software has been published in the “Conservation Physiology” journal! This methodological paper is based on two case studies demonstrating functionality and applicability of both the R package and the GUI app. If you use the FishResp software in your research, please cite it as:  READ MORE

FishResp, version 1.0: official release!

After two years of alpha- and beta-testing, we are glad to announce the official release of FishResp!

We tried to make FishResp suitable for every researcher interested in the analysis of raw respirometry data. Are you a fan of console or a graphical user interface? Do you work with fancy commercial respirometry systems or with your own DIY setup? Do you rely on this or that experimental design/methodological approach? READ MORE

Important information before official release!

A serious bug has been found in the source code which should be taken into account by all users worked with previous versions of FishResp (i.e. 0.1; 0.2; 0.3; 0.4).  Specifically, the function calculate.MR converted incorrectly time units from seconds to hours which led to 3.6-fold underestimation of absolute and mass-specific metabolic rate. To fix wrong calculation of metabolic rate estimates, please multiply them by 3.6 times in the final dataset (excluding factorial metabolic scope and background respiration). READ MORE

FishResp, version 0.3.0: colours matter

As 8% of male population and around 0.4% of female population have some type of colour blindness, we decided to test both GUI application and graphs produced by the R package via colour the blindness simulators  “Sim Daltonism” and “Color Oracle”. As a result, some colour changes have been implemented to the code in the R package, while the graphical interface has not been changed due to distinctive hues of different functional buttons (see the screenshot). We thank the anonymous reviewer of our manuscript devoted to the FishResp software for sharing this idea. READ MORE

‘FishResp’, version 0.2.0: stability and flexibility

Both the R package and its GUI implementation were upgraded to the version 0.2.0. New options for import, correction and calculation of respirometry data suppose to make ‘FishResp’ a more flexible tool than before. In addition, several bugs and technical problems were revealed and fixed, which should improve the stability of the software. Please, see the list of updates below to get detailed information on the changes applied to the new version of ‘FishResp’. READ MORE

Beta release of GUI application ‘FishResp’


The software represents a graphical implementation of the R package ‘FishResp’. It is a free application with a user-friendly interface available for Windows, Linux and macOS. To know more about the software, please click here.

If you find a bug, please report about it on the forum.
Your feedback is important for us to improve next versions of the GUI software ‘FishResp’.

‘FishResp’ is available on CRAN and GitHub


The R package ‘FishResp’ (version 0.1.0) is available on CRAN and GitHub!

‘FishResp’ in Chicago: Experimental Biology 2017

The R package ‘FishResp’ and its graphical implementation will be presented today (23.04.2017) at the conference “Experimental Biology 2017” in Chicago.

Title of the abstract: “FishResp: an R package for Filtering and Analyzing Raw Data in Aquatic Respirometry“.

You are welcome!

The first public presentation of ‘FishResp’

Spiring Symposium 2017 – we got a 2nd runner-up award for the project!