FishResp paper is published in Conservation Physiology!

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The manuscript describing the FishResp software has been published in the “Conservation Physiology” journal! This methodological paper is based on two case studies demonstrating functionality and applicability of both the R package and the GUI app. If you use the FishResp software in your research, please cite it as: 

Morozov, S., McCairns, R.J.S., Merila, J. (2019) FishResp: R package and GUI application for analysis of aquatic respirometry data. Conserv Physiol 7(1): coz003;

We thank the Editor and Anonymous Reviewers of Conservation Physiology for their valuable comments and opportunity to publish our work in such a great journal! We are grateful to all the people who have contributed to the development of this software! We appreciate the financial support of this project from the grant foundations. This work won’t be realised without all of you!

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