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As 8% of male population and around 0.4% of female population have some type of colour blindness, we decided to test both GUI application and graphs produced by the R package via colour the blindness simulators  “Sim Daltonism” and “Color Oracle”. As a result, some colour changes have been implemented to the code in the R package, while the graphical interface has not been changed due to distinctive hues of different functional buttons (see the screenshot). We thank the anonymous reviewer of our manuscript devoted to the FishResp software for sharing this idea.

Major updates

•  ability to import datasets with columns containing only NA or NaN values
•  ability to import raw data with both decimal separators: “.” and “,”

Minor updates

•  line “now” has been changed from green to red, while line “alter” has been changed from red to black in the function QC.slope
•  words “now” and “alter” have been replaced by actual length of slopes (in sec) in the legend of the figure produced by the function QC.slope
•  parameter “Weight” has been changed to “Mass” in the function
•  parameter “q” has been changed to “p” in the function extract.slope
•  default value for the parameter “r2” in the function extract.slope has been changed from 0.9 to 0.95
•  the bug with warnings occurred in the function extract.slope has been fixed

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