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The FishResp software is designed to analyse raw data obtained using an intermittent-flow respirometry approach and calculate metabolic rate estimates of an aquatic organism such as RMR, AMR and aerobic metabolic scope.

FishResp accepts raw data from various respirometry systems (see the figure on the right) and can be installed on Windows, Linux or MacOs machines. The software allows users to:

• analyse data from up to eight chambers concurrently;
• correct raw data for background respiration;
• visualize intermediate results to detect technical problems;
• calculate metabolic rate based on various criteria.

You can read more about the idea behind the FishResp software in the scientific article published in Conservation Physiology, 2019:

What to choose FishResp or FishRespGUI?

Two software products have beed developed to suit needs of potential users. The R package FishResp is created for those who are familiar with R programming language, while its user-friendly graphical implementation FishRespGUI is an ideal choice for users with zero programming experience.

• customisable
• easy to automate

• requires R skills

• user-friendly interface
• simple analysis

• limited customisation

Video presentation of the software

The Youtube video will be added later.